It’s true, when a random german person says the word «Handy» he refers to a cell phone. Also commonly the incredibly skilled, strong and beautiful  people who do the editing for movies are filed under the profession of a «Cutter». Yes, the same word that is used for the fancy machine that is part of the process in making your favourite sausages.

Nobody really knows why and how that happened. While the first eventually makes some sense the second is a totally wild assumption. What we cutters do has absolutely nothing to do with dissection, separation, slicing, chopping, cogging, dividing or parting but everything with the totally opposite. We love to assemble, join, merge and connect things to find concealed stories of hidden truth in reality.

And how I did got into that? Well, let’s see.

Some time ago now, I was asked what I would like to do after getting out of school. The answer was the same as for a lot if my peers. «Something with media» … It was kind of obscure what that meant exactly but it somehow felt to be in the line of inventions as the alphabet, music and drawing and all those other things that helps us in reflecting and understanding and feeling who we really are.

It seems that film editing has changed so much since the advent of the digital . But with a closer look one easily sees that the form and content are pretty much the same. Everything has an beginning and an end, one frame after another and the very same narratives being told. What has changed, and in some ways drastically, are the tools for accomplishing a well knitted, beautiful and durable texture. One always look over the rim, being appreciative, sympathetic and imagitive to explore new ways of thinking, telling and doing.

For a good carpenter the hammer should not be that important (even if some are preferred). Instead the focus should be on the final piece, using all the tools, materials and drawings to achieve best possible outcome, closest as possible to the sketch that everybody had in mind when the whole thing stated out. Or even make it better when finding stuff that nobody had thought about in the beginning. Media itself is a tool. It is for communication, for telling and for understanding.


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