w.t.f is a brandscape you may ask ...

And I may then answer: "good question."
Well, usually these things stay behind the closed door, between the agency and the producers. It is a playground, an audiovisual tool to check the ideas of the creatives, to see how the things could look like. When a product is (re-)branded a lot of people think about a lot of things. It ends up in a briefing that is to define how the world the New Thing will be living in could look or like; as a summary of cultural items (people, fashion, attitudes ... that reflect its personality, landmarks that communicate how it feels like to have in beside your bed. - Or who you could be like in case you feel tempted to make a purchase decision after it's release on the market. It is all about desires and possibilities ...

CocaCola: "Blak"

Bacardi: "Carta Blanca"

Volkswagen: "EOS"

Bacardi: "Nuestra VisiĆ³n"

Heroe: "Mediterraneo"

Mondo: "Mondo"